Create leverage for IT teams

CIOs are expected to reduce IT costs and drive efficiency while maintaining, or even improving, the availability and performance of business technology. Reduce time and money spent in supporting legacy identities and login methods and get savings.


Foster organization-wide innovation

57% of CIOs report the business expects them to assist in developing new products and services, yet most state that innovation is not prioritized. More time thinking and implementing product and service innovation with rainbow secure solutions taking care of your AppSec challenges.


Enable the extended enterprise

IT’s complexity and scope have increased as they are now expected to scale support beyond traditional employees to external contractors, seasonal workers, and partners. Do more with rainbow secure, one platform to secure all types of users.



Rainbow Secure improves efficiency across IT teams, allowing them to prioritize strategic projects that drive growth and scale for an organization.

  • Centralize user management

    Reduce complexity and gain visibility into who has access to what with a single source of truth across all corners of an organization. Dashboard access to IT admins and compliance manager gives visibility at right places.

  • Eliminate IT disruptions

    Automate time-consuming tasks like provisioning, deprovisioning, and password resets for all user types keeping IT focused on high-value activities.

  • Deploy technology with ease

    Support business innovation by quickly and securely deploying best-in-class technology to global user groups for in house business applications and cloud based enterprise apps.

  • Save on license costs

    Monitor cloud app usage, and automate deprovisioning to prevent overspending.

More than 80%

Of CTOs,CIOs are expected to lower IT/operational costs while improving services but they are faced with business demands and new trends that can create friction.

We Offer Best Cyber Security Solutions

Our Products and Services

Through a single source of truth, critical automations and secure, seamless access, Rainbow Secure products help set the foundation for an efficient and effective IT organization.

Single Sign on

Use one login across on prem and cloud for access to Apps and BI Dashboards. Read More

Rainbow Password

Rainbow Password Multi-layer security gives strong login defense without burden. Read More

Zero-Trust security

Flexible Passwordless Zero Trust Security that verify users each time. Read More

Rainbow Secure Smart MFA

Multi-layer Multi-factor giving balanced friction security. Read More

geoACL Access Gateway

Centralized platform to monitor, manage access to data and systems, on prem and in cloud. Read More

Identity Life Cycle Management & Integration

Provision, Deprovision users through admin dashboard and custom integrations with HR and Business Systems. Read More

AI monitoring & Alerting

Automated monitoring of user actions, and alerting for suspicious patterns amd access requeests Read More

Rainbow Secure Office Solutions

User friendly Password vault, Data and document vault and Encryption tools protect business data and secrets, documents and business workflows. Comply with industry regulations, while boosting productivity and security. Read More


Rainbow Secure works with Office 365, Google Apps, Slack, Zoom, Webex, Salesforce, Netsuite, Microsoft Power Apps, SharePoint, Teams, Oracle Cloud, IBM ID and many other enterprise apps and platforms. Ask us about your custom integration needs