What is account take over attack

An account takeover (ATO) is an identity attack where an attacker gains unauthorized access using a range of attack methods such as credential stuffing, phishing, and session hijacking to gain access to customer accounts and steal something of value.


Trust Rainbow Secure to secure your customer accounts

It takes lot of time to win customer trust. Your customers are your first priority. Upgrade their account security and data privacy with innovation and trusted security solutions.

  • We help you protect customer accounts and their data with next gen security.
  • We enable better user experience for your customers with graphical colors and styles
  • We serve in cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premises.
  • We understand security and compliance, will help you meet your compliance needs.
  • Our partnership with cloud platforms (Azure, Google Cloud, AWS) and security partners gives you reliable, resilient & compliant rainbow secure services.
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What types of attacks does Rainbow Secure’s account takeover solution prevent?

We know attackers use different attack methods, so we built modern defenses to beat them.

Block automated threats

Leverage the power of Rainbow Secure’s advanced security protection that uses automated AI monitoring and risk analytics to identify and block known and unknown automated bad actors.

  • Rainbow Secure’s advanced security protection solution leverages the power of leading device / IP reputation and its own internal device / IP reputation history to identify and block known bad IP addresses and devices

  • Rainbow Secure uses a machine-learning-driven approach to Identify and block malicious IP and Bot behavior.

  • The solution works pre-authentication to ensure your service is not impacted.

  • Setup white-lists to remediate IP addresses that are no longer malicious or mistakenly marked by our algorithms or our partner device / IP reputation services.

  • Ask for our solution integration services to add third party enterprise bot detection solutions in the chain of defense.

Stop credential stuffing and phishing attacks

Rainbow Secure’s unique interactive security technology eliminates credential-stuffing attacks by design. Rainbow Secure allows you to strengthen primary authentication and risk-based authentication to stop attackers.

  • Our Creative Graphical color and style options enables users to get strong password without the need for creating long, complex, unmanageable passwords.

  • Password reuse reduction by design, as users can technically reuse their passwords without being the same credential as they can use same word but different color or style or same word and same color but different choice of chars for formatting.
    Even more same word, same color, same chars but font color vs background color choice. Limit less possibilities to make users lives easier and hacker’s harder.

  • Rainbow Secure’s advanced security protection analyzes network, location, device, and travel plans and help you identify unusual requests or access patterns from normal user login patterns. Team leaders, managers, compliance managers can opt to receive alerts.

  • Rainbow Secure’s strong, interactive authentication and passwordless zero trust options help reduce the likelihood of phishing or credential-stuffing attacks.

  • Secure credential and account recovery mechanisms with strong assurance of rainbow secure.

Rainbow Secure products for multi-layer protection against account takeovers


Rainbow Secure authentication provides a secure front door for your customer authentication experience using standards like SAML and as well as custom secure APIs based on industry standards. Implement our password and passwordless zero trust login based on your use case. Our solution advisory team will help you set up your security workflow.
See below the benefits of innovation and implementation by skilled experts:

  • Businesses are reducing the security risks associated with broken authentication, stolen credentials, phishing, password reuse, and brute-force attacks by hackers with access to quantum computing and bot nets. Human creativity and interaction is now the power factor.

  • Enforcing strong password requirements and detecting commonly used passwords is the thing of the past. No more burdening users with such legacy mindset. By design user makes strong passwords with color, style, position options.

  • Freedom for you to choose additional MFA providers.

  • We advise and help on securing password reset and recovery workflows from hackers.

  • Deploy best authentication security for on-prem, cloud and hybrid cloud environments. You can get single sign for seamless security experience. We can customize federation to meet your in house application needs.

Multi-layer Multi-Factor Authentication

Rainbow Secure’s Multi-layer Smart Multi-Factor Authentication and Passwordless Zero trust login provides balanced security friction and protects you from account take overs:

  • We analyze factors like device, location, access context, past access history and optional sensors by integrating with your HR and VPN systems.

  • We use AI monitoring, machine learning ( AI/ML ) in conjunction with a proprietary algorithm for enhanced security coverage.

  • We build reputation history for access requests as well integrate with your chosen device, IP reputation service and enterprise bot detection solutions.

  • We eliminate friction for legitimate users by only prompting MFA for scenarios configured in coordination with your AppSec defense team.

We Offer Best Cyber Security Solutions

Our Products and Services

Here are the Rainbow Secure products we recommend to protect your customer accounts from take over attacks.

Single Sign on

Use one login across on prem and cloud for access to Apps and BI Dashboards. Read More

Rainbow Password

Rainbow Password Multi-layer security gives strong login defense without burden. Read More

Zero-Trust security

Flexible Passwordless Zero Trust Security that verify users each time. Read More

Rainbow Secure Smart MFA

Multi-layer Multi-factor giving balanced friction security. Read More

geoACL Access Gateway

Centralized platform to monitor, manage access to data and systems, on prem and in cloud. Read More

Identity Life Cycle Management & Integration

Provision, Deprovision users through admin dashboard and custom integrations with HR and Business Systems. Read More

AI monitoring & Alerting

Automated monitoring of user actions, and alerting for suspicious patterns amd access requeests Read More

Rainbow Secure Office Solutions

User friendly Password vault, Data and document vault and Encryption tools protect business data and secrets, documents and business workflows. Comply with industry regulations, while boosting productivity and security. Read More


Rainbow Secure works with Office 365, Google Apps, Slack, Zoom, Webex, Salesforce, Netsuite, Microsoft Power Apps, SharePoint, Teams, Oracle Cloud, IBM ID and many other enterprise apps and platforms. Ask us about your custom integration needs.