Rainbow Secure Benefits

Business Benefits


    Eliminates Frustration & Time

    Setup Costs

    Simple, low cost, Scalable setup

    Reduce Costs

    Reduce support issues by 90%, Reduce reset costs

    Reduce liability & Risk

    Better security powers data privacy & mitigate risk like password reuse, stolen credential, saved passwords, unattended unlocked devices, unlocked computers, various Cyber attacks


    Creative, Stylish that gives fun & reduce Stress

    No Device, No Download

    No need to purchase, download, configure devices & smart phones

    Flexible customization

    Enterprise Clients can customize UI layer, Security Friction

    Support, AI monitoring

    24/7 AI Monitoring & Flexible business support available

Security Benefits

    Reduce risk of account take over

    Eliminates risk from Cyber attacks & data breach scenarios

    Strong Hash, No burden on Users

    Formatting dimension gives Strong Hash even for one character Credential


    Interactive security, proprietory UI, Eliminates automation attacks

    Eliminates 10+ cyber attacks

    Eliminate Cyber attack like Keylogger, Bruteforce, Malaware, Phishing, Shmishing,Password reuse, device cloning, password sharing, credential stuffing, Man in the middle, denial attack, biometric failures, No java script attacks

    Military Grade Encryption

    All Data are highly encrypted & Security architecture exceeds recommendations


    Active directory, enterprise system integration

    Security Standards

    We meet following guidelince
    NIST(800-53),NIST(800-63), FTC, PCT, SEC, HIPPA, SOX
    We enable
    GDPR, CCPA compliance, 21 CFR Part 11

Human Benefits

    Easy Hassle free Security

    No struggling with long complex Password

    No device Needed, No download Needed

    Easy Adoption

    Easy Deployment

    Works on all major Devices, Platforms

    Consistent Login experience every where

    Security for common man

    Forgive user mistakes

    Saved passwords in browser cannot be misused when device left unlocked

    Security Experience

    We are always on users' side. we try to improve security so user have no extra burden but it makes hacker's life harder.