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Best user experience and login security


Stronger security can be made possible with best user experience and compliance

When it comes to cybersecurity, humans are the weakest link. Customizable, and easy to use security solutions are therefore an important part of a practical cybersecurity strategy.

In the context of authentication, that means that a password is only as strong as its accessibility and relatability to its creators and users. It should be:

  • Easy for its creator / user to remember
  • Hard for an attacker (or really anyone other than the user) to guess
  • So, what types of technology can you, as a technology or business leader, implement, in order to enable users or employees to create and use passwords that meet those goals, as part of your organization’s security strategy?
    An intuitive user experience that users will enjoy using to create new passwords, and continue to use them to log into systems Enables HUMANS to create passwords that are personally relatable to them, and nobody else

    The following may be used to mitigate risks related to forgotten passwords:

  • Multi factor authentication (MFA)
  • Password recovery options
  • Secure password storage
  • However, a better human experience with passwords themselves may help PREVENT forgotten passwords from the start!

    Connect with the Rainbow Secure team (human to human),Book a Demo and learn more about how our solutions can bring user-centered security to your company.