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About TechBeen IT Solutions Private Limited

Less then 1% Senior Professors(15+ years exp) are engaged by online platforms in India. And we intend to bring these educators to bring their availability online


About Cumulation

In present situation, the job placement scenario in Tier 3 and Tier 2 institutes in India is highly demotivating for students. There's need to look for the placement opportunities in a smart way. There are many ways and strategies to bag a placement for a student provided he/she is aware of it. We are trying to make them aware and remove their stress by showing endless possibilities and motivating them to do wonders in their life. We are creating sustainable, friendly and people Business.


About Kpangba Foods On Wheels

Nigeria with a population of over 200 million is faced with persistent high prevalence communicable diseases and rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases, and key health indicators such as maternal and infant mortality are worse than the Sub saharan African average. Malaria represent over 60% of outpatient visit to health facilities in Nigeria, making malaria Nigeria the most important public Health challenge, accounting for 30% of childrens' deaths and 11% maternal deaths. Over 90% of Nigerians are at risk of malaria with over 100 million cases per year and over 300,000 untimely deaths caused by malaria annually, causing over $1 billion loss to the Nigerian economy, annually. Various issues coupled with the effect of COVID-19 pandemic has added more pains and reducing the quality of life and the ability of an average Nigerian to lift themselves out of extreme poverty, a mirage, over 95% of Nigerians do not have access to equitable Healthcare Services and less than 5% have Health Insurance cover, over 75% of Healthcare spending in Nigeria is out of pocket, leaving the vulnerable and the disabled in our community to their faith in times of health issues. The Healthcare System is unorganized in Nigeria and the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the need for all Nigerians to have access to equitable Healthcare and Social Services.


About CyberPie

60% of small businesses hit by a cybercrime will go out of business within 6 months. The small and micro business do not have an in house IT person, they do it themselves or outsource. They procrastinate on the topic of cybersecurity, with the idea that it only happens to others and large corporates. To address this, CyberPie provides bitesized micro tasks, 5 mins per week, with no jargon, which can be understood and implemented immediately.


About Rezler Systems Private Limited

Patrolling done by Police force, Security guards as part of safety, security and surveillance is not digital and need technology touch. It could be inside the community or outside, safety is top priority. We provide software solution inside and outside of our residential complexes with long term vision of non-failure system.


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