Nehal Mehta

President, Cofounder at Rainbow Secure

I am a mathematician, a statistician, an astute software engineer, security researcher & entrepreneur. When I got first hacked, I realized how painful it is to lose your money and when I got hacked again I realized the pain of losing data. Both instances made me think to do something, and that resulted in me inventing Rainbow Secure. When my son was writing his name in different colors and styles, it gave me an idea for interactive graphical security solutions that eliminates cyber frauds, ransomware and login related cyber attacks that helps business reduce their cyber risk and liabilities, improve productivity and save money. We provide solutions, vCISO Services, Risk Management and cyber safety training for businesses, small to big size.

I started my journey as a cybersecurity researcher. My research is about find missing link in login security. I found no user interaction and dependency on alpha numeric technology is the cause of all cyber threats. We started to solve a simple problem: login pain. Users are tired of creating long complex passwords and businesses are still getting hacked. Password reuse, automated cyber frauds using stolen credentials is a big challenge. A pain for users and companies, costing them time and money and still facing cyber threats.
Now you can color and style your passwords, Zero-trust OTPs & multifactor tokens. Color have 17 million options and we can use as font color or background color. Also we offer 100s of style options in rainbow secure platform. Users can have text, picture, picture pattern, QR code as well as biometric login options with rainbow secure features.
Solutions that we offer are rainbow password, rainbow zero-trust logins, smart multifactor, single sign on, identity, access control gateway and office solutions to secure your sensitive data and documents.
Now business is safe from variety of cyber threats including brute-force, phishing, password reuse, automated credential stuffing attacks, DDOS ransomware, and others.
We have 3 patents for our business. I have won 3 awards. I have got recognized by Insights success magazine for being top 10 women in cloud entrepreneur.
Now we are offering multi-layer rainbow secure login solutions with Office 365, Google Workspace & 100+ other apps.
We help business to stay secure and get compliance with NIST, SEC, SOX, CMMC, CMMI, ISO, 21 CFR Part 11 and others.
Talk to me, get your modern cyber defense today.

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Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks