This is a event spanned across the month of October 2021 with 90 minute event sessions on each day,
most weekdays every week. Session start time is always at 11 AM EST / 4 PM BST / 8 AM PST / 10 AM CST / 08:30 PM IST

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Week 1: Oct 01- Oct 8
Week 2: Oct 11- Oct 15
Week 3: Oct 18 - Oct 22
Week 4: Oct 25- Oct 29

Day 1, Friday, Oct 1

Welcome Remarks and Event Kick off.

Nehal & Dhaval gives welcome remarks and kicks off the event. Shashi gives information about academic participation.

Role of the vCISO, Why Do You Need a vCISO?

Cybersecurity can be quite confusing and all over the place for many organizations. The bottom line for every business is that problems they are trying to solve when securing their data. My abstract would be in explaining how organizations should start with a simple risk assessment in order to present a solution in building an effective Cybersecurity Program. This in turn can help these companies on a limited budget and explain how it can be a great Return on Investment. The means that they can build an effective program in place and save money in the long run in protection against cyberattacks. The bottom line is that organizations need to have the feeling of safety as opposed to fear of becoming targeted towards a cyberattack or ransomware.

Ranbir Bhutani
President, Co-Founder at Cyber Culture
Security Threats in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Because artificial intelligence and machine learning systems require larger volumes of complicated data, there are numerous ways to exploit AI/ML systems. While businesses can use current systems for identifying and preventing attacks, the question remains as to how to use established concepts for confidential computing to design safe AI applications. I'll be talking about the security issues being faced while working on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications and solutions to them.

Day 2, Monday, Oct 4

Know Hacking but No Hacking

Viral Parmar
Security Researcher
Human factor in Cybersecurity

Nehal and Dhaval will highlight how human factor affects security and data privacy, and how it can be empowered for better security and compliance.

Security concerns while online gaming

I'll discuss about awareness while playing these games and interacting with the online crowd ,, also ho these news channels , n news papers harass the games rather than educating the childern or parents regarding safely playing these games.

Kushagra Vyas
Security Researcher

Day 3, Tuseday, Oct 5

Cloud security challenges & Career Talk

Abhilasha Vyas would like to share my story that how she transformed from an Academician to Cloud Professional. Its like dream come true when she joined CloudThat Technologies as a Subject Matter Expert. Also she share about Cloud security challenges.

Dr. Abhilasha Vyas
Vertical Head
Bug Bounty , how to start, prerequisites, how to encurage yourself, how to stay updated

What is bug bounty ? How to start ? What are the prerequisites ? What are the common mistakes that people do ? How to approach a target ? Methodology ? Bug Bounty platform Vs VDP . How to stay motivated and updated ? Learning resources.Learn Common Vulnerabilities , Tools

Parshwa Bhavsar
Security Researcher
Blockchain Security Issues

Blockchain as a stand alone technology favors many security principles such as integrity, transparency in the system and various others. But when this technology is being implemented in the real time scenario, in between comes human factor and the linking of various technology which many a times leads to various loopholes in the system all together. So, in the session I will try to cover all the factors affecting security in blockchain oriented systems such as (end-point issues, regularity issues) and a case study for these factors.

Anshika Verma
Security Researcher

Day 4, wednesday , Oct 6

Privacy Issues in Blockchain

The latest technology advancement in blockchain domain has attracted several enterprises to design innovative business prospects. Privacy is emerging as a threat to wide adoption of blockchain technology. Permissionless and permissioned blockchain platforms may pose different privacy issues and therefore independent solutions. In this talk, we will explore some of these privacy issues and solutions to resolve them.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

AI and machine learning are now becoming necessary to information security, as these technologies are capable of swiftly analyzing millions of data sets and tracking down a wide variety of cyber threats — from malware menaces to shady behavior that might result in a phishing attack or credential stuffing attack.

UI/UX Upcoming Trend

"User Interface and User Experience shortly know as UI/UX design is the upcoming trend in today technology. It has played a huge role in saving Development time and cost for a company. Involving very different skill sets but they our integral to each other’s success. "

Priya Aggarwal
UI/UX Designer

Day 5, Thursday, Oct 7

Third party security management

With the increase in the number of the dependencies on the external parties, the risk within organisations is increasing tremendously. Around 51% of the breaches are caused by Third Parties. As a preventive measure, organisations shall start defining business responsibilities and enforces best practices like by prioritizing network transparency, implementing least privileged or zero trust access, and constantly evaluating existing third-party security practices

Priya Pandey
Security Researcher
Blockchain secured smart buildings

Blockchain, often associated with cryptocurrencies, has been lately realized to have immense potential across other domains too vide Blockchain 2.0 and futuristic Blockchain 3.0 versions. Blockchain has magnified itself beyond cryptocurrencies and has a universal appeal ranging across variety domains. Though still at inception stage, but a variegated options and choices have emerged on how blockchain can benefit and make the world better with its immutability, smart contracts and transparency features. Also we have evolving cyber physical systems (CPS), which are consolidations of new generation computing methods, physical and networking operations. In CPS, the embedded computing technologies and networks proctor and check the physical functions, with feedback loops where physical processes bear upon computing part and contrariwise. CPS incorporates the kinetics of the physical operations with software and networking, delivering abstractions and simulating, conceptions, and analysis techniques for the complete system. This paper will discuss and propose the deployment of the CPS Smart building (CPS-SB) network based on an Ethereum private blockchain system mechanized by smart contracts and also discuss inherent challenges on a IoT Simulator (Cupcarbon). The proposal allows for operation of self sustaining CPS-SB based on smart contracts to realize predictive building controls.

Case Study on Social Media Crime

The dawn of pandemic has pushed businesses and personal conversations to be conducted online like never before. Social media being accessed relentlessly has brought social media related crime to accelerate. Attackers, stalkers and amateur students are the mostly found to be the culprits of it. Social media crime includes online threats, stalking, cyber bullying, buying illegal things, distribution of pornography, hacking and fraud etc.The LexisNexis Risk Solutions released its biannual Cyber crime Report covering July 2020 through December 2020, which details how the evolving threat landscape created new opportunities for cyber criminals around the world, particularly as they targeted new online users.This report also concluded that young adults and adults over 75 most vulnerable to fraud attacks.

Eva Thakran

Day 6, Friday, Oct 8

Founders talks

The importance of community availability to enter into Cybersecurity and how I’m helping lead the discussion for greater accessibility for underserved communities.

Security Collaboration, Nurturing right partnerships

Bridging the gap between security and engineering teams The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a wide range of vulnerabilities for bad actors to take advantage of digital transformation, but Security culture has not kept pace with the threat landscape, every organization knows security is very crucial and must be embedded into everything. Investing in Security culture is MUST for every organization to maintain/heightened line of defense. Built in Security Dilemma The challenges between development and security teams are really around skills, regulations, and cultural issues. Project managers justify technical debt for poor security practices for Go to market commitment, QA struggles to find security vulnerabilities; customers don't know what to ask for around security; Dev’s find current security best practices to be insufficient and road blocking. "

Viraj Gandhi
Sr. Staff Product Security Engineer at SailPoint
Types of Authentication

There is a growing demand for different types of user authentication technologies for both online and physical systems. I would be speaking about an overview of Authentication Types. "

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