Rainbow Secure works with Office 365, Google Apps, Slack, Zoom, Webex, Salesforce, Netsuite, Microsoft Power Apps, SharePoint, Teams, Oracle Cloud, IBM ID and many other enterprise apps and platforms. Ask us about your custom integration needs.

Discover What your Business Can do with Rainbow Secure

Enterprise wide Integration, On-premise, On-Cloud Deployment options with full compliance, monitoring and Alerting


  • Web Account
  • Mobile App Account
  • Kiosk
  • Retail MFA
  • IoT Second factor
  • ATM Pin


  • On demand Security
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • C-Suite, IT Admin, PAM
  • Second Approvals
  • Business, Cloud Application
  • Website
  • Smart Device
  • Help Desk
  • Data, Document, Password Vault

External Users, Partners

  • Reporting dashboard Access
  • Limited App Access
  • File Uploads
  • File Downloads


Workforce logins

Protect & Enrich Employees, Contractors & Partner Logins

  • Enable Secure Remote Work

    Give your workforce best security experience that boosts productivity and security.

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  • Move to the Cloud

    Do cloud migration hasslefree and smoother

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  • Adopt Office 365

    Upgrade your Office 365 cloud security and identities with friendly and strong Rainbow Secure protection.

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  • Adopt Flexible Zero trust Security

    Balanced Zero Trust Security that fits your business.Multi-layer passwordless zero trust security option for your modern workforce

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  • Partner Access made easy

    Build relationships & collaborate with partners with ease.

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  • Less IT Friction, More Work

    Unified access model, save costs & time

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Customer logins

Easy Customer Signups and Next Gen Login Experience

  • Win Customer Trust

    Give your customers best login experience and security that keeps hackers away.
    Protecting user trust is imperative for the business to succeed.
    You need to make user lives easier and not harder by making security more complex.

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  • Boost Security for Apps & Websites

    Make your customer identities future ready. Next Gen Identity Ecosystem From On Prem To Cloud.
    Accelerate your migration to modern infrastructure with the help of business and AppSec experts with years of experience supporting digital transformation initiatives.

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  • Make Highly Scalable Mobile Apps

    Deliver your best and bring smiles to customers

    Rainbow secure bring authentication, authorization, and user management to your web and mobile apps so you can build seamless, secure, and scalable experiences that bring smiles to your customers.

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  • Protect from Account Take Over

    Secure Customer logins with multilayer security. The automated theft and abuse of user credentials results in great pain to customers and massive losses to the business.
    We know attackers use different attack methods, so we built modern defenses to beat them.

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24/7 Elimination of Cyber Threats

Creative, Interactive, Smart security working all the time

  • Bruteforce
  • Keylogger, Malwares
  • Phishing, SMShing
  • SIM Swap, Man in Middle
  • Device Cloning
  • Password Reuse, Sharing
  • Automated Attacks
  • Lost Stolen Token or Device
  • Denial attacks (DDoS)
  • Biometric Failures

Awards & Finalist

Security that brings value & savings

Strong Security

Color and Style options brings XMxN improvement in security credentials, verification challenges and tokens

Minimal Workflow Changes

Fast User Adoption, with minimal workflow changes

Reduced Costs, More Productivity

Fewer incidents for account reset, unlock means employees not waiting, IT Support available for other issues

No App to download, No Device Dependency. Forgive Human Errors

Just needs browser, works on any platform. Unlocked unattended devices no harm.


The most Complete and Effective Protection for Your Business

Flexible Hosting

On-premise, On-Cloud Deployment available

Security Standards And Compliance

NIST(800-53), (800-63), FTC, PCI, SEC, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, CCPA, 21 CFR Part 11


Above Military grade Encryption, trusted hosting

24/7 Active Security

AI Monitoring And Alerting

We Offer Best Cyber Security Solutions

Our Products and Services

Here are the Rainbow Secure products we recommend to protect your customer accounts from take over attacks.

Single Sign on

Use one login across on prem and cloud for access to Apps and BI Dashboards. Read More

Rainbow Password

Rainbow Password Multi-layer security gives strong login defense without burden. Read More

Zero-Trust security

Flexible Passwordless Zero Trust Security that verify users each time. Read More

Rainbow Secure Smart MFA

Multi-layer Multi-factor giving balanced friction security. Read More

geoACL Access Gateway

Centralized platform to monitor, manage access to data and systems, on prem and in cloud. Read More

Identity Life Cycle Management & Integration

Provision, Deprovision users through admin dashboard and custom integrations with HR and Business Systems. Read More

AI monitoring & Alerting

Automated monitoring of user actions, and alerting for suspicious patterns amd access requeests Read More

Rainbow Secure Office Solutions

User friendly Password vault, Data and document vault and Encryption tools protect business data and secrets, documents and business workflows. Comply with industry regulations, while boosting productivity and security. Read More

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