Secure Remote Access for Hybrid Workforce

With post-covid hybrid work culture, Secure remote workforce is a necessity for any enterprise. Employees should have access to all of these applications in a secure environment at any time, giving you extra peace of mind. Rainbow Secure Single Sign-on (SSO) and MFA solutions secure your apps in cloud and on-premise, cloud tenants, backup solutions and network infrastructure, including VPNs, Virtual Desktops, Chromebooks, Windows 365 streaming and Windows SE. Secure Remote Access solution by Rainbow Secure enables IT and security leaders to manage critical resources from anywhere in the world, tightly control remote access paths, and determine how other privileged remote users connect to critical systems.

Securing your virtual Desktops, VPNs and Security Infrastructure

As many employees access business resources while working remotely by using virtual desktops or VPNs, a single attack might leave your network exposed. With the MFA solution from Rainbow Secure, your VPNs and VDIs will have an additional degree of security.

Protect your Windows (365 streaming, SE) and Chrome OS

Relying just on usernames and passwords to secure remote user accounts is no longer an option as security breaches get more complicated every day! This calls for additional security measures for remote access. With Rainbow Secure Multi-factor Authentication solution, you can confirm remote users' identities with additional authentication techniques like Multi-layer password and OTP, Picture Password, Rainbow Secure Biometric Authentication, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and more. Easy and secure access using Windows in the cloud (Windows 365), Windows SE laptops or Chromebook devices.

SSO & MFA to secure your web & on-premise apps

Secure all of your cloud and on-premise applications with Single Sign-On to access them remotely without having to remember your passwords. Rainbow Secure end-user dashboard helps you to access all of your applications at one place remotely which greatly simplifies the login process. It also adds an extra layer of security with Rainbow Secure Multi-factor Authentication, which supports various methods to choose from.

Restrict access with Adaptive Authentication

Rainbow Secure’s Adaptive MFA solution enables admins to restrict access to enterprise applications for end-users based on the location, time of access, IP, and several devices configured. Admins can restrict user access to internal networks. They can also whitelist and blacklist IP ranges, and remote employees will only be able to access the internet applications from the whitelisted IPS.

Secure MFA

Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) utilizes advanced multi-factor authentication (MFA) techniques like RainbowSecure password and OTPs, Team manager code, etc. to verify user identity.

Simplified management & tracking

Give administrators a comprehensive overview of their user's password status. The SSPR simplifies both management and collecting legal audit data.

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Benefits of Securing Remote Access


Secure authentication for all environments, protecting identity and access to data even with remote users. MFA can help secure your apps via factors such as Multi-layer password and OTPs, soft tokens, & authenticator apps.


MFA solution extends and adapts to all areas of your organization. Secure Remote Access plays a pivotal role in providing visibility in all risk areas, from on-premises networks to remote mobile devices and the cloud.


Simplicity for both end-users and administrators. Our SSO/MFA solutions are easy to deploy & gives administrators more flexibility, visibility, and control. Secure Remote Access solution is simple for remote users to verify their identity when accessing VPN.

Flexibility and Scalability

Secure remote access solutions can easily adapt to the changing needs of a business, allowing for scalability as the business grows.

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