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Rainbow Secure Technology

Rainbow Secure is a New technology that helps you to create an extremely strong Password, Passwordless login, Multi-factor verification.
It’s not password generator or password manager. It is a technology that allows to use Creative Options like:

Secure By 17 Million Colors

17 million colors as a font color, 17 million colors as a background color



Smooth User Experience

100 + of styles like Bold, Italic, Underline, font size, Font Name etc..



Configure with

Password pins, tokens, One time password, Unified login, Master password




Flexibility of applying

Shape, size, color, appearance on text, picture, Biometrics means easy to use, harder to hack and crack

Watch Login Demo with rainbow Secure

Office365 With Rainbow Secure Demo

Rainbow Secure is now available for all user logins for Microsoft Apps and Cloud Solutions like Office 365, Microsoft PowerApps, Share point, MS Dynamics & others. You can now color and/or style your passwords and passwordless zero-trust security login tokens. You get multi-layer security by design without hardware token or mobile app dependency. You can get it on Microsoft Azure, hybrid-cloud, as well as other cloud platforms.

Rainbow Password – Next gen Graphical login security where you can enter your credential/password, you are entering text and do some graphical interaction like applying color as font color or back color or applying style like bold, underline…watch Now

IBM Aspera Login With Rainbow Secure Demo

Secure your valuable digital assets and move data securely while using IBM Aspera on IBM Cloud along with Rainbow Secure, a next gen identity, Single Sign on and login security solution platform that increases cyber defense of a business and helps meet compliance.

Google login With Rainbow Secure Demo

Businesses using Google Workspace can now upgrade their identity login security with rainbow secure. They can do single sign on (SSO) with rainbow secure enabling them to use same login for all of their custom in house and enterprise cloud apps…watch Now

Salesforce Login With Rainbow Secure Demo

Take your salesforce platform to the next level with enhanced security and rich user experience.You employees can focus on what they need to do to serve customers rather than stress out with login passwords and tokens….watch Now

Slack Login With Rainbow Secure Demo

Slack is a new way to communicate with your team. It’s faster, better organized, and Login to Slack with Rainbow Secure makes it even better.