Why Choose Rainbow Password Login

Configurable friction level for balanced Security

Stylish & Lively Login process giving best UX experience

Minimal Workflow changes, No App Download or device configuration

AI monitoring, Location Access control

Forgives human mistakes, Improves Productivity, Win Customer trust

Optional: Custom Integration with LDAP, On premise Active Directory, Azure AD, VPN Gateway, HR Systems

Secure By 17 Million Colors

17 million colors as a font color, 17 million colors as a background color



Smooth User Experience

100 + of styles like Bold, Italic, Underline, font size, Font Name etc..



Configure with

Password pins, tokens, One time password, Unified login, Master password




Flexibility of applying

Shape, size, color, appearance on text, picture, Biometrics means easy to use, harder to hack and crack


24/7 Elimination Of Cyber Threats

Security that is innovative, interactive, and graphical that protect business 24/7

  • Bruteforce
  • Keylogger, Malwares
  • Phishing, SMShing
  • SIM Swap, Man in Middle
  • Device Cloning
  • Password Reuse, Sharing
  • Automated Attacks
  • Lost Stolen Token or Device
  • Denial attacks (DDoS)
  • Biometric Failures
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Developer Friendly CISO Approved

Use it for One time access use cases

Technical Integration Services Available

Business User Logins, Partner logins, Customer logins, C-Suite, PAM Security

Use it for partner logins, limited validity logins

No device dependency, Support multiple endpoints

Supports all coding platforms

Login Challenge Routing flexibility

Works on mobile, desktops

Integration with major MFA providers

Scalable, Support millions of verifications

Preferred Azure Hosting with Qualys Protection


Transform Your Digital Workflow, Be Productive, Reduce Risk And Save Money

Pre-Integrated solutions for 100+ cloud, On premise, Mobile Apps & Contained environment Apps. As per our survey on 1000 user

Risk Reduced With Multi-Layer Interactive Stylish Login

Users Prefer Minimal Workflow Changes

Rainbow password login demo