Meet Our Founder

Hello, I’m Nehal Mehta.
I’m The President, Founder, Solution Designer Of Rainbow Secure.

A few words about me : As the President/Co-Founder, I lead Rainbow Secure. I graduated with BS Degrees (Math, statistics, Economic), BCA (in Computer Science), Masters - MPA(Master in performing arts), Diploma in Indian Classical Dance. I am passionate about cybersecurity. Everybody has issues with their password and credentials, even the current two factors not enough. A customer has to look for fraud transactions within their financial accounts. Day by day burden on a user (creating strong password) is increased to keep them safe from cyber-attacks and breaches. One day when my son wrote his name with different colors that give me idea to create a new way for authentication user and validate user. Using color and style it gives user multi-layer and multi-factor at same time and we can remove user burden. I got three patents on these technology inventions. I am also working on modern biometric solution, and I hope to launch it soon.

When I Launched Rainbow secure in April 2020 with help of Microsoft women in cloud Accelarater program, I haven’t imagined what it will grow into. Today my company is not only a successful as a Solution provider. It’s also a well-known brand known for the following core values: Creativity, Simplicity, Cyber Security, Customized Services, Commitment, Integrity

Hello, I’m Dhaval Shah.
I’m Chief Technology Officer, Advisor Of Rainbow Secure.

A few words about me: As the Advisor & CTO I lead Rainbow Secure technical design and compliance efforts. My responsibilities include managing the partnerships as well as leading our Tech team. I graduated with master's degree in Computer Applications. I did undergrad in Computer Science. I am passionate and curious about technology, how it works and how it makes human life better and easier. I like to study human problem very closely. I have around 21 years of experience working in industry verticals like Software product company, Pharma, Utility, Retail, Fianacial services, government and healthcare, where I was solving complex business challenges and learnt best practices. I studied business risk and liabilities domain and acquired property and casualty license for the state of NJ. When my co-founder told me about her idea i joined her. With our versatile expertise and vision, we developed these wonderful technologies and solutions.

Our Support Team

We provide technical, business and risk management support. Our support model is based on understanding your company's security, integration and compliance needs. We also partner with Microsoft Azure and Amazon cloud teams for industry standard reliability and business continuity. We help integrate and deploy our and our partner solutions (Business, Cloud, Security, Monitoring) under one umbrella for seamless, headache free installations and support.