Easier And Secure Way To Encrypt And Share Your Sensitive Data, Configuration Files And Documents

Securely encrypt your data and files with multi-tier Rainbow Secure Graphical File Keys.

 Secure exchange of data, files and documents with external trusted organizations and individuals.

Share encrypted files and documents via email, secure link or any other method of your choice.

 No device dependency. No App to Download. Works on all devices and platforms that supports latest browsers. Ideal for Remote Teams working on sensitive projects or using environment where cyber threats may be lurking.

Multi-tier but balanced security controls with audit logs

 Integration with Rainbow Secure Access Control Gateway for sharing server and database login credentials to users outside of your corporate network.

Multi-tier but balanced security controls with audit logs

Integration with Rainbow Secure Access Control Gateway for sharing server and database login credentials to users outside of your corporate network.

 Interactive security for protection against automated frauds targeting your business.

Stay protected against ransomware threats

Meet Compliance

Compliance Ready. Filter and Export Access Logs, Encryption and Decryption logs. Comply with Data security & Access control guidance from SEC, SOX, HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, CMMC and other regulations.

  • Ability to set up trusted enterprise partners per project or team.
  • Works on all platforms and devices
  • Supports Single Sign-On with Rainbow Secure and Azure AD
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Our Products

Here are the Rainbow Secure products we recommend to enable secure remote work.

SSO - Single Sign on Solution

Use only one set of login credentials for access to all apps in cloud and on premise. Rainbow Secure login for all your apps everywhere.

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IAM - Identity Life Cycle Management & Integration

Provision, Deprovision users through admin dashboard and custom integrations with HR and Business Systems. 

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CIAM - Customer Identity Access Management

Modern Customer Identity and next gen graphical Login Authentication helps you win customer trust & keep their accounts safe.

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Rainbow Password

Rainbow Password Multi-layer security gives strong login defense without burden.

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Passwordless Zero-Trust Security

Flexible Passwordless Zero Trust Security that verify users each time.

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Rainbow Secure Email

Rainbow Secure Email powered by Office 365 Business. It can be used as a login email for office, google, Amazon, Godaddy and many other cloud services. No fear of account takeover,  phishing and stolen credentials.
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Rainbow Secure Smart MFA

Multi-layer multi-factor giving balanced friction security.

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AI Monitoring & Alerting

Automated monitoring of user actions and alerting for suspicious patterns and access requests.

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GeoACL Access Gateway

Centralized platform to monitor, manage access to data and systems, on prem and in cloud.

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Data Vault

Securely Manage Your Sensitive Business Data & Secrets

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Encryption Tool

Military Grade Encryption Tool for Your Sensitive Data, Config Files & Documents

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Cyber Services

Add, enhance your cyber defense strategy with Rainbow Secure vCISO Services, cyber readiness assessment & data security, privacy audits 

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