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What Is Rainbow Secure Technology?

Rainbow Secure is a New technology that helps you to create an extremely strong Password, Passwordless login, Multi-factor verification.
It’s not password generator or password manager.

Why Choose Us

Next Generation Rainbow Secure platform is a modern identity and single sign on solution for your business across on premise and cloud environments. Its backed by experienced team of cloud and security experts, years of innovation and partnerships with leading cloud platforms. Here are some value additions you will get with rainbow secure platform.

  • Multi-layer strong authentication
  • No more login pain
  • Simplified security architecture
  • No captcha needed
  • No download needed
  • User friendly authentication technology
  • No more password rules
  • Integrate cloud, on-premises, in-house, & SaaS applications
  • One stop security solution
  • No extra device to carry
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Why Rainbow Secure Is Best


Now Rainbow secure login have total 17 million font color X 17 million shading X 100+ style options for each character of password that we traditionally use.

That makes Rainbow secure login harder to crack and extremely strong authentication.


Powerful and really flexible security configuration options makes Rainbow Secure technologies an ideal candidate for your company's front line cyber defense. You can choose from password and password less options, from text password, picture password, picture pattern password options for SaaS, Hybrid cloud or on premise installations.


Rainbow Secure is giving user friendly options for strong authentication compared to today's complex password rules of Like "Passwords should be long, complex and harder to crack." It allows users to adhere to regular password change guidelines without actually changing password. They can just change some color or style every season or holidays or sporting event.


If you use less complexity and less length still Rainbow password gives extremely strong password. We handle all complexity on behalf of user so user can enjoy stress free security. If you have 6 character long Rainbow Password with some colors and style, that equals to 60-100 character of legacy password.


Our Industry standard and compliant APIs and expert technical help makes it easy to integrate with your enterprise's application, websites and make it part of your corporatewide security strategy.


Auto password generator and Password manager create weird complex password that are hard to remember and handle. We don't need any of those, just keep it simple.

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24/7 Elimination Of Cyber Threats

Security that is innovative, interactive, and graphical that protect business 24/7

  • Bruteforce
  • Keylogger, Malwares
  • Phishing, SMShing
  • SIM Swap, Man in Middle
  • Device Cloning
  • Password Reuse, Sharing
  • Automated Attacks
  • Lost Stolen Token or Device
  • Denial attacks (DDoS)
  • Biometric Failures
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Rainbow Secure Security Benefits

Reduce Risk Of Account Take Over

Eliminates risk from Cyber attacks & data breach scenarios    

Military Grade Encryption

All Data are highly encrypted & Security architecture exceeds recommendations

Strong Hash, No Burden On Users

Formatting dimension gives Strong Hash even for one character Credential


Active directory, enterprise system integration 



Interactive security, proprietary UI, Eliminates automation attacks. No Captcha needed.


Security Standards

We meet following guideline
NIST(800-53),NIST(800-63), FTC, PCT, SEC, HIPPA, SOX
We enable
GDPR, CCPA compliance, 21 CFR Part 11


Eliminate Cyber attack like Keylogger, Bruteforce, Malaware, Phishing, Shmishing, Password reuse, device cloning, password sharing, credential stuffing, account take over, Man in the middle, denial attack, biometric failures, No java script attacks

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Rainbow Secure Business Benefits


Reduce user frustration. Increase productive time


Creative, Stylish that gives fun & reduce Stress

Setup Costs

Simple, low cost, Scalable setup

No Device, No Download needed

No need to purchase, configure devices & smart phones. No need to download app.

Reduce Costs

Reduce support issues by 90%, Reduce reset costs

Flexible Customization

Enterprise Clients can customize UI layer and integration with inhouse app.

Reduce Liability & cyber Risk from day one

Better security powers data privacy & mitigate risk like password reuse, stolen credential, saved passwords, unattended unlocked devices, unlocked computers, various Cyber attacks

Support, AI Monitoring

24/7 AI Monitoring & Flexible business support available

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Rainbow Secure User Benefits

Easy Hassle Free Security

Consistent Login Experience Every Where

No Struggling With Long Complex Password

Security For Common Man

No Device Needed, No Download Needed

Easy Adoption

Easy Deployment

Saved Passwords In Browser Cannot Be Misused When Device Left Unlocked

Works On All Major Devices, Platforms

Security Experience

We try to improve security so user have no extra burden but it makes hacker's life harder.

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It is a Technology that allows to use creative options like

Secure By 17 Million Colors

17 million colors as a font color, 17 million colors as a background color

Secure By 100+ Styles

100 + of styles like Bold, Italic, Underline, fontsize,Font Name etc..

Configure With

A-Z, a-z, 0-9, Special charaters, 17 million colors, 100 + Styles, Image, Picture, Biometrics

Flexibility Of Applying

Shape, size, color, appearance on text, picture, Biometrics means easy to use, harder to hack and crack

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