Creators. Infosec. Security Champions. Rainbow Secure Ambassadors!

Rainbow Secure Ambassadors are just as passionate about security as Rainbow Secure is — and they share their interest, expertise, and excitement within their network & communities to help other developers, architects, product managers, infosec professionals build and secure applications, cloud and datasets they create, manage and support.

Spreading Security Awareness

They identify ways to educate and empower fellow developers, architects and infosec professionals by writing articles, creating videos, sharing expertise on social media, and more.

Engage With Community

They attend and speak at community meetups and conferences to boost developer & stake holder awareness of application security, cloud security, data privacy and rainbow secure.

Collaborate With Peers

Rainbow Secure is giving user friendly options for strong authentication compared to today's complex password rules of Like "Passwords should be long, complex and harder to crack." It allows users to adhere to regular password change guidelines without actually changing password. They can just change some color or style every season or holidays or sporting event.

Improve Security For Apps, Data & Business Workflows

They share community feedback directly with the Rainbow Secure team to help make our platform better for everyone.



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Rainbow Secure Ambassador Contributions

Rainbow Secure Ambassadors lead by example, championing for improved application security by increasing AppSec awareness, being active in their respective communities, and celebrating wins. Here are a few ways to contribute.

Written Content

Write guides, step-by-step tutorials, or best practice cheat sheets for the Rainbow Secure blog or your own.

Video Content

Produce educational videos or Rainbow Secure developer training for Rainbow Secure’s YouTube channel or your own.


Live Streams

Moderate or host videos and live streams that demo Rainbow Secure and promote AppSec and DevSecOps.


Give Talks, Attend

Speak or attend at meetups and conferences, and we’ll help with slides, abstract submissions, attendee fees and travel budget where feasible. Speak or attend as Rainbow Secure Ambassador.


Learning & Demo Apps

Build educational applications and games to teach developers about application security and rainbow secure. Build Demo Apps using Rainbow Secure APIs for Login & MFA Security.

Build Educational Security Apps

Develop intentionally vulnerable applications for hands-on learning in any language.


Cloud Security Advancement

Participate with Rainbow Secure team to explore Cloud Security Integrations and partnerships with leading industry AppSec and Cloud Security Platforms.



Rainbow Secure Advisor

Collaborate with the Rainbow Secure team to boost awareness of the best AppSec & Cloud Security Practices and Rainbow Secure Solutions, Services that helps businesses & non-profits to mitigate Cyber risks & Cyber frauds.



Supporting You

As an Ambassador, you’ll have a direct connection to Rainbow Secure. We’re committed to supporting you in your advocacy efforts, helping you build your own application security & cloud security expertise, and mentoring you through the whole process.



Supporting Your Content Creation

Rainbow Secure is here to help as you develop content, offering assistance with:


  • Visual design (Illustrations, PDFs, Graphics Software subscription etc.)
  • Ideation and brainstorming
  • Technical content review
  • Editorial Review
  • Promotion over Rainbow Secure’s social media channels
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Tokens Of Our Appreciation

We appreciate and value your commitment and passion to share your knowledge with your network & communities and we would like to support you in doing so.

Opportunity to become Rainbow Secure Referral Partner You will be rewarded with referral commissions for each successful referral after 60 days of active Rainbow Secure SaaS subscription or vCISO Services


Ambassadors are provided with opportunities that they use for personal development tools, like books, courses, certifications and other learning methods.



We will sponsor any travel needed for your speaking activities that feature Rainbow Secure as the topic, or that we have proactively invited for and scheduled with you.


Exclusive Swag

Community members will recognize you as a leading voice for developer-first application security, business first cloud security by your exclusive Rainbow Secure Ambassador swag you’ll have.

Software Licenses

We will help you procure developer & office collaboration software licenses as needed for your work. We will also help you get personal software licenses at discounted rates.

Rainbow Secure Ambassador

Shilpi Gupta

Shilpi Gupta

Information Systems and Rainbowsecure Ambassador
Dr. Abhilasha Vyas

Dr. Abhilasha Vyas

Vertical Head, Cloud Security And Rainbow Secure Ambassador
Henry Zaldivar

Henry Zaldivar

Cybersecurity Sales Executive and Rainbow Secure Ambassador

Become A Rainbow Secure Ambassador

The Rainbow Secure Ambassador program is now open for nominations! If you’re selected, you’ll be asked to join Rainbow Secure on our mission to help developers, cloud & infosec professionals all over the world to create security first applications, build & maintain secure cloud environments in an easy and empowering way.


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