Healthcare’s rapid transition to digital—where electronic medical records and online patient portals are the norm—has created new challenges in securing access to personal health data and clinical applications. This, combined with evolving compliance regulations, such as HIPAA & DEA, is driving a need for technologies that strengthen security, while enabling clinicians to readily access patient information and applications.

Rainbow Secure helps healthcare organizations meet these demands with our comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform, “Rainbow Secure Identity”. Our clinical workflow solutions give providers the tools they need to streamline access, increase clinician efficiency, and protect patient privacy.

Meaningful Integrations into EMRs and other healthcare system apps

Effective integration between software applications is essential in the healthcare industry and the battle towards complete interoperability. Rainbow Secure understands this essential need, which is why we make integration with other platforms a critical step when designing our solutions to deliver specialized support.

  • Rainbow Secure offers industry standard methods to integrate Windows and web-based applications (custom in house and 3rd party cloud-based apps) — without long clumsy deployment cycles.
  • Granting access to healthcare workers with multiple personas can be very tricky. Most healthcare organizations have personas like employees, community providers, hospice, volunteers, contractors and external providers that all need differing types of access.
  • Role based access, stress free graphical identity & login security and single sign on with versatile apps (office, clinical, finance, HR, community care…) makes rainbow secure the ideal choice.

Providers and Nurses have many systems to login during the day. Rainbow Secure understands their unique needs and offer convenient ways for them to login, reverify without compromising security and patient data privacy.We have a solution:

Rainbow Secure Identity and Single Sign on powered by Rainbow Secure Login Options for Healthcare

Role Login Method
IT, Finance, HR, Revenue, Front Desk, Social workers Rainbow Password & Passwordless login
Doctors, Nurses – logging in remotely / can use keyboard / cannot scan their badge or wearable Rainbow Password & Passwordless login
Doctors, Nurses – cannot use keyboard but can use their badge or wearable and stylus User authenticates using rainbow password / passwordless login option at given work location at the start of the shift. For subsequent logins / reverifications to the applications, user scans the badge, it populates unique user token that user has to color or style using his “Reverify” color or style credentials. Its completely configurable where this option need to be deployed. Duration of “Reverify” credentials is also configurable. (Hours, days, week).


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